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Smartphone controlled Personal Sound Amplifier

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[AlgorKorea Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Algorkorea is an IT (Information Technology) venture company specialized in manufacturing digital hearing aids in Korea. Algor means algorithm. The core of the digital hearing aid is the software algorithm implanted into a 100% DSP IC chip fabricated within a hearing aid.
The better the algorithm, the better the quality in sound. In Korea, we are the first hearing aid manufacturing company which produces 64 channel 100% DSP digital ITE(In-The-Ear)/ITC(In-The- Canal) / CIC(Completely-In-the-Canal) hearing aids. We wish you have an opportunity to experience a real world of sound by using our 100% DSP digital hearing aid.
AlgorKorea Co.Ltd is BTE-type 20-channel hearing aid is available for smartphone control to the hearing. 20-channel compression with the cochlea of the human body gives the resolution enables precise fitting of the various state hearing loss, and provides feedback cancellation luminance and powerful noise reduction function due to artificial intelligence. You can also use features such as smart phones (Mobile Device) app provides the user directly to the program self-hearing test, automatically fitting (Auto Fitting) for volume control, environment-specific mode change for user convenience.
•100% DSP 20hannel Digital Hearing Aid
•20 channel automatic fitting for each customer
•4 Pre-set function
•Customer setting
•BTE models
•Smart phone hearing test
•Single Microphone Input or Two Microphones' Input
•FFT-iFFT HEC Nonlinear Compression
•SAM (Spectral Amplitude Modulation)