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iClear 64P

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Algorkorea is an IT (Information Technology) venture company specialized in manufacturing digital hearing aids in Korea. Algor means algorithm. The core of the digital hearing aid is the software algorithm implanted into a 100% DSP IC chip fabricated within a hearing aid.

The better the algorithm, the better the quality in sound. In Korea, we are the first hearing aid manufacturing company which produces 64 channel 100% DSP digital ITE(In-The-Ear)/ITC(In-The- Canal) / CIC(Completely-In-the-Canal) hearing aids. We wish you have an opportunity to experience a real world of sound by using our 100% DSP digital hearing aid.


Algorkorea Co. Ltd. released 64 channel In-The-Ear digital hearing aid. Precise 125 Hz nonlinear compression and 93 dB input signal dynamic range ideally realizes the compensation of the deteriorated active bio-mechanism of the cochlea functioning of the hearing impaired. The superior 64 frequency channel resolution can highly increase speech discrimination rate particularly for the presbycusis.

Fitting program is integrated with microphone / receiver calibration for easier A/S maintenance. In-Situ real ear measurement automatically produces the most realistic 64 channel fitting for individual customer. The same masking effect of the cochlea is adaptively programmed as environmental noise reduction algorithm.





•100% DSP 64 Channel Digital Hearing Aid
•FFT-iFFT HEC Nonlinear Compression
•SAM (Spectral Amplitude Modulation)
•CIC / ITC / ITE / BTE models
•Integrated Microphone and Receiver Calibration
•93 dB input Dynamic Range
•Simultaneous Attack Time and Release Time
•Real Ear Measurement & Automatic Fitting
•64 HEC Bands Equalizers, Squelches, AGCo
•Real Ear Feedback Detection
•Automatic Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
•ENM (Environmental Noise Monitoring)
•Selective Noise Reduction by Masking Effects
•Single Microphone Input or Two Microphones' Input
•32 Steps Volume Controller 




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iClear 64P

iClear 64P